Our College

Braemar College

Founded in 1995, Braemar College is an award-winning private high school and postsecondary pathway provider. We occupy a heritage building on the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto.

What we offer

We offer grades 9 to 12, with our graduates receiving the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Our programs are designed to ensure students realize their academic, personal and social potential.

Our pathway program prepares students from around the world to enter Canada’s top colleges and universities.

Our tradition of academic excellence has allowed us to assemble an industry-leading group of post-secondary partners which include the University of Toronto, York University, the University of Waterloo, and Ryerson University. (See the full list of our partners here)

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of education is based on the principles of personal autonomy, responsibility, and excellence. These are ideals with timeless appeal.

Innovative Academics

Our Fast-Track term system, unchanged since 1995, is increasingly becoming the standard among both public and private high schools. Both Oxford University and Cambridge University use this same concentrated academic calendar.

Part-time students take one course. Our regular students focus on two courses at a time. Express Option students take three courses.

We have five annual intakes:

With the Fast-Track term system students can complete a total of fourlevels in one academic year, rather than only two at a school with semesters.

And with our Express Option students can complete their studies 50% faster than regular students.


The Braemar College High school program offers grades 9 to 12 of the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum.

Our Summer Programs offer students a short-term academic high school program, along with activities and trips around the city.

The Pathway Program prepares international students to enter top Canadian colleges and universities.

The TCUP Program (Top Canadian University Pathway) is a premium pathway into elite university programs for ambitious students with a strong academic background.

For online programming, click here.

Our Faculty

Our faculty is a team of highly experienced professional educators, all certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, and many also holding advanced academic degrees. Learn more about our faculty here.

Our students

Our students come from all around the world, with over forty countries represented. Each year we also reserve a number of places for local Toronto students (who are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents — to learn more about local students click here).

Student success is at the centre of everything we do. Since 1995, we have succeeded by putting our students first.


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